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Dynagard Blue™

(Environmentally Friendly Wire Rope Lubricant)

Dynagard Blue is a non-sheening, extreme pressure unleaded, environmental wire rope lubricant that is blended for excellent resistance to softening under severe working conditions, water resistance, and it’s compatibility with all Kirkpatrick Wire Rope Lubrication Systems as well as hand application.

Its slickness and viscosity allow it to stay alive with the wire rope as the strands move during load bearing operations. This
attribute also allows it to continuously redistribute itself to cover any internal strand areas, which may have been missed during the initial lubrication process.

An Unleaded extreme pressure additive provides exceptional protection against wear and shock loads, while additional
additives enhance resistance to water wash-off, protection against fling off at high speed wire rope travel speeds, and long service in high temperature environments.

Dynagard Blue has outstanding structural and chemical stability.

It won’t corrode steel and copper bearing alloys and is compatible with conventional seal materials.

Aquatic toxicity tests on sensitive marine organisms performed by independent test laboratories have shown it to have superior Bio-Aquatic LC-50 environmental values. Read More

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Note: Printer Friendly version includes the Salt Fog Corrossion Tests, and Rope -DeConstruction images.

  DYNAGARD Salt-Fog Test Competitive Comparison  

DYNAGARD "Blue" Performance Test Photos from the USCGC Bramble

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DYNAGARD BLUE Specifications:

National Stock Number 9150-01-520-8116
  MIL-PRF-18458C (Type I and II) Pass
Meets or Surpasses Requirements.  
LC50 Bio-Aquatic Rating, EPA/600/4-90/027 * (Over 25,000 ppm)
Test Duration: 48 hr.,  
Test Specimen Used: Salt Water Species Mysidopsis Bahia  
  LC50 Bio-Aquatic Rating, EPA/821/R-02/012 (Over 25,000 ppm)
Test Duration: 48 hr.  
Test Specimen: Fresh Water Species Ceriodaphnia dubia and Pimephales promelas  
Viscosity: NLGI Grade 2

Color: Blue
Texture: Smooth/Creamy
Mineral Oil %: 50% Nominal
Oil Separation % (Fed 791-321.1) 1.94%
Penetration: mm, (ASTM D217): 305
Viscosity, cST at 40 degrees Centigrade: 320
Viscosity, cST at 100 degrees Centigrade: 21-23
Dropping Point, C (F) 177 C (350 F)
Low Temperature Flexibility (Section 4.4.4, No cracks @ 6 Degrees C) Pass
Rust test, ASTM D-1743 Pass
Salt Fog Corrosion Resistance ASTM B117 1,000 hr. / Pass
Salt Spray, Fed. Standard 791, TM 4001 (10 days) Pass
Accelerated Weathering (ASTM G 152, 153) Pass
Load Wear Index (ASTM D2596) 34.43
Adhesive % (Sec. 4.6.6. 150 rpm @ 151 +/-2 deg. F): 99.7
Volatile Matter (2.0% Max.) 1.02
4-Weld, kg.: 250
4-Ball Wear Diameter, mm, max. 0.65

All standards referred to, are USA Origin unless noted.

* LC50 Testing: Approved test method used to determine the lethal concentration it takes to kill 50% of the test specimens in a given time frame within an aquatic environment. In this case, the estuary shrimp species, Mysidopsis bahia was used. These specimens are 5x more sensitive to contaminants than trout which are the standard for our industry. No specimens died within the test period



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