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Standard Lubrication System


Complete Wire Rope Lubrication System designed for the lubrication of wire rope sizes 5/16" (7/8MM) to 1-7/8" (47-48 MM). Each Model is provided with one size seal and scraper plate kit inserted in the lubrication collar (The customer specifies the size of the seal and scraper plate kit at the time the order is placed). All necessary component parts are provided with the system to commence immediate operation. The customer will need to provide tools for assembly, chains/slings, lubricant and the air supply source.

Component Parts:

  • Standard System Lubrication Collar.
  • One size seal and scraper plate kit comprised of two polymer insert halves and four piece scraper plate set. Customer specifies the size required. See Seal & Scraper Plate Description below.
  • One size groove cleaner kit (if applicable). Two piece polymer with band clamp. Customer specifies diameter and lay when ordering must match diameter and lay of wire rope to be lubricated.
  • Two 3/8' Shackles.
  • Clear Discharge Hose.
  • 3,500 PSI rated high pressure 1/2" diameter lubricant supply hose. (Comes standard length of 10', customer may order longer length at additional charge).
  • Pump Package (50:1 ratio, 60 oz. per minute. delivery capacity) containing:
    • lubricant flow control valve.
    • air regulator and gauge assembly, airline lubricator, airline filter.
    • drum cover, and follower plate (follower plate is optional on the SU400 System).
  • 1 five gallon pail Dynagard Blue Wire Rope Lubricant (Meets & surpasses MIL-G-18458B).
  • Complete Operating & Parts Manual.
  • Heavy duty shipping/storage container (SU35B only).
  • One Field Application video CD.

Standard System Models Available:

  • MODEL SU35B: (Approximate Weight: 95 Pounds / 43 Kg.)
    • Designed for use with 5 gallon (35 pound) pails of lubricant.
    • This system is preferred by most shipboard customers. All U.S. Coast Guard Vessels who have purchased our system (80 ships to date) have purchased this system. U.S. government source number: 1H000-LLTSG7198. NSN: 4930-01-424-2197.
  • MODEL SU120: (Approximate Weight: 75 Pounds / 34.05 Kg.)
    • Designed for use with 16 gallon (120 pound) drum of lubricant
  • MODEL SU400: (Approximate Weight: 85 Pounds / 38.59 Kg.)
    • Designed for use with 55 gallon (400 pound) drum of lubricant.

 Suggested Options:

  • Air Motor & Pump Downtube Repair Kits.
  • Additional Seal and/or Groove Cleaner kits to accommodate all wire rope sizes for specified job site.
  • Dynagard Wire Rope Lubricant to insure optimum system performance.

SPECIAL NOTE:  All Standard Models are operationally equal. The difference between the models is the size container the pump is fit to accommodate: 5 gallon (35 pound), 16 gallon (120 pound), or 55 gallon (400 pound).



Lubrication Collar Open

Seal Halves Showing

Brass Scraper Plates Attached

to End of Lubrication Collar



PHONE STOTTS: 02 49 668020

Email: Our Technical Team by Clicking here.

We belive that all initial enquires should go to our Technical Team, so that you have the best information. We want you to be able to understand our system and it's benefits and advantages up front. We have the best equipment, and we require that you have the best support.

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Stott Industrial Supplies Pty Ltd
Unit 1, 19 Balook Drive Beresfield NSW 2320
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