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Lubrication Systems Description

Kirkpatrick Wire Rope Lubrication Systems are designed so that in only one application wire rope can have its surface and grooves scraped clean of product build-up and grit while at the same time any new lubricant is uniformly applied to the newly cleaned surface and injected into the very core.

Moisture trapped in the internal strands is forced out and replaced with the new lubricant. All systems are compatible with low as well as high viscosity lubricants.

Each size wire rope requires a corresponding size seal and scraper plate kit and optional groover kit (if there is entrapped product build-up in the groove pattern of the subject wire rope). Wire Rope and Seal Diameters are crucial for maximizing internal pressurization and lubricant containment
within the lubrication collared. Our company has developed a complete core-tooling inventory that allows us to provide our users with seal
diameters in .5 mm to 1mm increments. READ MORE

Therefore, if the user has additional sizes of wire rope to be lubricated, corresponding sized seal and scraper plate kits / groove cleaner kits will need to be ordered. All seal and scraper plate kits / groover's are easily interchangeable.

The seal kits slip easily into the lubrication collar and the groover's are fitted in 2 half pieces around the steel wire rope, into the groove pattern of the wire rope. These are held in place by a metal band which is usually tightened with a "spin Tight". There are no hard rubber rings to snap over the steel wire rope. As such, our system does not have the possibility of allowing fingers to be caught when the ring snaps shut.

The Steel Wire Rope Lubricating Collar is best suited to the Grease specifically designed for Steel Wire Rope Lubrication.

Kirkpatrick offer two grease types which are fully explained by using the Menu on the left side, and whilst designed for Long Term protection and Lubrication of Steel Wire Rope Strands ands Wires in arduous conditions, it also meets the US NAVY Environmental Specifications.


The Benefits of the Kirkpatrick Pressure Lubricator are:

Personal Safety - the benefit of utilizing the Kirkpatrick System is that it removes physical contact with the steel cable during the Lubrication process. 

 Efficiency - will be achieved in two ways.

Will be achieved in two ways.

  • Faster Treatment of the Steel Wire Rope

  • Full penetration of the Fluid Film to the Centrex of the Steel Wire Rope, so that the inner cores are also treated.


Kirkpatrick Wire Rope Lubrication Systems come in two basic configurations for the Lubrication of steel wire rope;

Lubricator Models

STANDARD : for wire rope sizes 1/8" to 1-7/8" (3mm to 47mm) and

JUMBO: for wire rope sizes 3/8" to 4 1/4". (9 mm to 108 mm)

The Picture to the right shows the Kirkpatrick system being used at height on a Transmission Tower.

The Steel Wire Rope is used to structurally support the tower. In this application the Steel Wire Rope was originally "Tar Sealed", for protection.

Removing the Tar was a difficult task. Options including Wire Wheels on Hand Grinders, Chemical Solvents were all ineffective. The final solution uses Kirkpatrick Groove Cleaners, to physically remove the tar without damaging the Steel Wire Strands. Whilst not designed for this aggressive and abrasive task, the Groove Cleaners perform better than expected.

Kirkpatrick Groove Cleaners come in many sizes to remove contamination from the Rope before Lubrication Pressurization occurs. The Groove Cleaners can be seen atop the Pressure Collar.


WHY Should I use Kirkpatrick for lubricating my Steel Wire Rope ?

20 Years experience in wire rope pressure lubrication.
   Originally developed for wire rope maintenance of our own 250 crane rental fleet.
   Successful and well documented system performance which changed the parameters by which wire rope maintenance is performed worldwide.
   Parts and system availability are timely and tailored to our customer's requirements, anywhere in the world.
   Worldwide use in shipping, mining, offshore, construction, oceanographic research and more...
   Approved for:
  • United States Coast Guard
  • United States Navy
  • Canadian Defence Department (Navy & Coast Guard)
  • NATO
  • Military Sealift Command
  • United States Army Corps of Engineers
  • Australian Navy

Why Our System?

   Some of the reasons to maintain the operation of your Steel Wire Rope with the Reliability and Ergonomic Benefits of the Kirkpatrick Steel Wire Rope Lubrication Equipment :
  • No Rubber seals to snap onto a rope, where fingers may be trapped.
  • No Physical Holding a heavy Lubrication Collar, whilst trying to align the rubbers with the Lubrication Collar.
  • Easy to secure Collar to rope.
  • Seal Sizes to match the rope size being lubricated, ensuring a good seal and the best possible penetration of lubricant into the rope strands.   (How can you get penetration of lubricant into a rope with a 2mm gap between the rope and seal ?????????)
  • Seals fit into the Lubrication collar, and fit onto the rope at the same time the Collar is installed. No mucking around.
  • A Discharge port is provided which allows some lubricant to exit the collar, taking water and other contaminates away with it.  The lubricant must pass through the pressurised area before being able to drain off. . ( If you are unable to drain off these contaminants, where do they go ?)
  • Moisture trapped in the internal strands is forced out and replaced with the new lubricant Light Weight Aluminum Collar. READ MORE
  • One of our competitors has recently added this feature, some 20 Years after KIRKPATRICK. Do you want to be with the leaders in Steel Wire Rope Lubrication Systems, or with those who examine our equipment, and then replicate?
  • Two Sizes available:
    Standard System   - for wire rope sizes 1/8" to 1-7/8" ( 3mm to 47mm) and  
    Jumbo System     - for wire rope sizes 3/8" to 4 1/4" ( 9 mm to 108mm).  
  • Standard Equipment for US Navy, Coast Guard, Australian Navy, and NATO.
  • Local Authorized Supplier with direct International Support to the Manufacturer.
  • Groove CleanersGroove Cleaners act to clean the outer circumference as well as the wire rope groove pattern of contaminants that hinder the penetration of new coatings being applied inside the Seal Lubrication Chamber.
  • We have developed Polymers which are Tough and Durable without being Brittle.
  • Available in
  • Right Lay, - Mainly 6 Strands, with some 7 and 8 Strand Configurations now already standard items.
  • Left Lay, - 6 Strands
  • Smooth Bore - For Multi-Strand and Non Spin Rope
  • More sizes and configuration being developed as new Ropes enter the Market.
  • All systems are compatible with low as well as high viscosity lubricants and Greases.
  • We have two Greases with exceptional Steel Wire Rope Performance coupled with Environmental Credentials which others are now catching up to. READ MORE - ENVIRONMENTAL   


Purchase our one of our systems and you have a COMPLETE System ready to work.
Air Pressure Filter, Regulator, and Lubricator.
Drum Cover Plate.
Drum Follower Plate
Pump Air Motor Tested for its Pressure and Flow over its operating range, so that we know it will perform to our requirements.
  We have tested a large range of various Brands and Models, and we know where some simply do not have the capacity on its operating curve.
Lubricant Output Flow Control Valve
Lubricant Supply Hose, with Quick Connect Fittings
Lubrication Collar
Seal Kit and Brass Scraper Plates - As specified by you at time of Order
Set of Groove Cleaners - As specified by you at time of Order
Lubricant Recycling Flow Valve
Lubricant ReCycling Clear Discharge Hose
Quality Lockable Hard Plastic Storage Case, for Storing and Transporting Seals and most of the System Parts.
. The Pump will normally be transported within the Lubricant Drum. This is practical and Convenient, as the length of the pump makes it impractical to be located within the Plastic Storage Box
  The Hard Plastic Box is Non Corrosive, Lightweight, Lockable and Durable


Not yet convinced?
  Major Customers Links
  Customer Comments
  "The results of the evaluation and demonstrations were highly successful. The wire ropes were opened, exposing the inner surfaces of the wire strands, which were found to be as well lubricated as the external surface of the wire rope. The use of wire rope lubricators will contribute to a longer service life of wire rope and reduce the man-hours required to accomplish PMS."
    Letter from Commander, Naval Sea Systems Command to Commander In Chief, U.S. Atlantic and U.S. Pacific Fleets after completion of Navy tests of The Kirkpatrick Wire Rope Lubrication System.  Subject: Wire Rope Lubrication System Evaluation.  (1988)
  Installation and use of the Kirkpatrick Model JU120 System has cut wire rope cleaning and lubrication time by 5O%, freeing up vital man hours to be used in other areas of necessity. Periodic maintenance requirements call for a specified section of wire rope to be cut back for external and internal inspection. The latest inspections have shown complete lubrication to the wire rope's core."
    Letter from First Lt. C.P. Christofferson, USS Camden (AOE-2) : (1995)
  "400' of 1 1/8" load line lubricated. 75% of 5 gallon pail Dynagard Blue wire rope lubricant used. 3 gallons of previous MIL-G-18458B lubricant removed. Time from set up to completion of clean-up; 2 hours. Previous time frame to accomplish same project using manual methods: I full day, three men. One rag used for clean-up."
    U.S.S. Wasp (LHD-1), Training session incorporating hangar dock crane.  (1997)
  "Purchased their system in 1982 for use on over 23 miles of 1 1/2" conveyor cable. This wire rope's replacement cost is in the one million dollar range. Subsequent to incorporating their wire rope lubrication system, their replacement schedule was every 5 to 6 years. They have now gone eight years without replacement."
    Peabody Coal, Kentucky, formally American Commercial Terminals.  (1986)
  "We were rewarded by a system that not only lubricated the wire rope uniformly; it cleaned the surface and removed the moisture. An additional benefit was the tension it sets up on the wire rope while lubricating."
  If each district purchased a system for its individual sizes of wire rope, we could all have safer, easier, and most important, quality maintenance of wire rope."
    Article In United States Coast Guard's Aids To Navigation Bulletin.  (1986)
  "I am writing this letter to tell you how impressed we are with the longevity and durability of your seal and scraper plates. We used a 3/4" set on 60,000 ft. of 3/4" 6 x 19 class IWRC that made up the topping, purchase and vang wires of deck mounted cargo booms on the Naval Reserve Ship USS Comet. We fully expected to replace this 3/4" seal and scraper plate kit after this job. This has not been the case. These seals and scraper plates have given us years and approximately I00,000 ft. of extra service."
    Letter from Ed Swensson, Marine Sales Manager, West Coast Wire Rope, Portland, Oregon.  (1989)
  "The use of the Kirkpatrick System has shown that tower guy wire maintenance jobs, which normally take a week to complete, can now be accomplished in three days or less. As we travel up the guy wire during the lubrication/coating process, we can see water being forced out of the wire 3 to 4 feet in front of our basket due to the pressure being exerted internally by the lubricant/coating our system is forcing into the internal strands."
    Rick Estes (President), Esco Tower Communications, Ft. Worth Texas USA  (1992)
  Wire rope life has increased by at least 30% due to the use of the Kirkpatrick System. This is based on Magma's findings that wire rope expectancy was only about 600 to 700 hundred thousand tons prior to incorporating the Kirkpatrick System into their maintenance program. The goal was 1,000,000 tons after purchase. They are now getting 1,300,000 tons before wire rope replacement according to my personnel."
    Magma Copper, Arizona  (1991)
  "Wire rope tensile strength loss has gone from 10% to 2% using their Kirkpatrick System. A reduction of 60% in lubricant consumption was also reported."
    International Salt Mines  (1988)
  "Over the last few years, at my recommendation, numerous systems have been purchased by our mining customers to be used in conjunction with our lubricants. Kirkpatrick Systems thoroughly coat and lubricate. I have always been impressed with the amount of trapped water seen pouring from the rope as it exits the lubrication collar due to pressure being exerted in the Internal strands as the lubricant is being applied. One of our customers in particular has saved several hundred thousand dollars in wire rope replacement."
    W. Bischoff (Sales Manager) Penwalt-Keystone Lubricants  (1996)
  The life of our wire rope has noticeably increased due to the use of our wire rope lubrication system in the time I have been working here."
    Mark Cunningham (Mine Superintendent), Morton Salt, Louisiana  (1995)
  "We purchased three systems for our new Southport Cranes. Our maintenance personnel are very impressed with the coating and speed of lubrication which occurs when compared to the old methods of wire rope lubrication we used previously."
    Harry Dababy (Superintendent), Port Everglades Port Authority  (1996)
  "Wire Rope used in upshaft ventilation was being lubricated at 50 ft. to 60 ft. per minute using a grease funnel installation. Since purchasing their Kirkpatrick System, lubrication speed has been increased by 100%. Mine personnel estimate the life of their wire rope has been increased by 50% to 90%."
    Teck Corona Gold Mine  (1987)
  "We used it for the first time this year and estimate that it has cut our maintenance time by 50%. It has also significantly reduced several safety hazards associated with our previous cleaning methods."
    United States Army Corps Of Engineers, Information Bulletin - Walla Walla DIstrict Pubic Affairs Office  (1995)


PHONE STOTTS: 02 49 668020

Email: Our Technical Team by Clicking here.

We belive that all initial enquires should go to our Technical Team, so that you have the best information. We want you to be able to understand our system and it's benefits and advantages up front. We have the best equipment, and we require that you have the best support.

Australian Agent:
Stott Industrial Supplies Pty Ltd
Unit 1, 19 Balook Drive Beresfield NSW 2320
Ph 02 49 668020
Fax 02 49 668302

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